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Lab24, a genetic testing laboratory in South Florida. Currently we have the FDA approval to run 5000 Covid-19 tests per day. In this ever changing world, Covid-19 testing will become part of our every day business. Because of misguided information from the News, it has become very difficult to understand what we need to do as business owners.

We are here to help your business!

Here's what we know right now.

  • 1.Your business needs to open or remain open safely. Our clinical COVID-19 test will ensure your staff is properly tested for positive or negative detection.
  • 2.It is the responsibility of the business owner to create a safe environment for their employees and customers, while limiting their liability.
  • 3.Our full-service process will handle every need to ensure you follow all proper guidelines for testing from start to finish.
  • 4.The State and Federal Government will not pay for the testing of private businesses.
  • 5.The State and Federal Government have limitations on testing and supplies. Currently they are focusing their testing efforts on frontline workers and people showing severe symptoms.
  • 6.We work with you and your company for any relief options available for testing and investing in the protection of your employees.

how does it work?

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